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  Flooring Contractor Ipswich      

Main Contractor: Barnes Construction

Project Value: £35,000

This project was a new sixth form block that consisted of two floors containing new art rooms, photographic laboratories, class rooms, conferencing areas and a state of the art multi-function Performance/Lecture Theatre. We installed 400m2 of Enia Tapisom Design 600 to the corridors of the building and the open areas, then 450m2 of Heckmondwike Supacord carpet to its' many classrooms, 200m2 of Freudenberg Noraplan Uni sheet rubber flooring to the Performance/Lecture Hall and some Polysafe Standard sheet vinyl to the Art Room, Photography Labs and the Toilets. We also installed Woolimex Design 400 carpet to the buildings' entrance areas. The preparation of the floor, in particular, was a big concern on this project. We prepared all carpet and vinyl areas using Ardex Arditex NA or Arditex RS Plus. The Lecture Hall required specific attention as the power floated screed hadn't dried to its' required level. To overcome this problem, we used Freudenberg and Uzin for the system. In all, it took 5 days to prepare
the floor, Barnes first scarified the screed in order to remove the top surface layer and then we latexed it using Uzin L3 Gold before then applying two coats of Uzin PE 460 damp proof membrane. The rubber flooring that would eventually go down was to have a large tiered wall mounted seating unit on top of it. This meant that the top coat of latex would have to be strong enough to receive 15 Newton’s of pressure; to achieve this we primed the DPM with Uzin PE 370 primer and used Uzin NC150S water based latex, the rubber flooring was finally adhered using Uzin KE66 adhesive. We used Gradus flooring accessories throughout the project with Gradus RN511 nosings with a dove insert being installed to all stair treads and a range of trims being used between differing floor coverings. As usual, the project was successfully completed on time.


Flooring Contractor Suffolk
Suffolk Flooring Suffolk Flooring Contractor Flooring Contractors Suffolk


Project Value: £45,000

In 2005 Call Connection took occupancy of Saxon house in Ipswich, working with R G Carter Ipswich LTD the building was converted into a four storey call centre building that was to house a call centre, training facilities, board room and various office spaces. Working directly for the client, R W Hall & Sons Limited successfully helped the client to both specify and complete the flooring installation. We installed 1100 m2 of Desso Trapez carpet tiles to main office areas, stairs and training areas; and 250 m2 of Burmatex Infinity to staff rest areas. The client requested that the Managing Directors Office and The Boardroom have a more luxurious finish. To these areas we installed a Brinton’s Axminster carpet fitted onto cloud nine underlay. A large amount of floor preparation was required to the lower floors for which we used Ardex Arditex latex smoothing compound to correct any imperfections in the floor screeds. As usual we used Gradus Accessories to complete the project, using Gradus G11 Nosing’s to stair treads and a range of Gradus trims between differing floor coverings. To the main entrance we supplied and fitted Bonar Floors Coral Classic entrance carpet. The timescale for the project was very tight and, as the company was keen to go live as soon as possible, R W Hall and Sons worked evenings and weekends to ensure that the client’s completion date was successfully achieved.

Suffolk Flooring Contractor
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Main Contractor: Haymills

Project Value: £7,000

In 2007 The Suffolk Constabulary refurbished their Martlesham Police Headquarters main reception. We prepared the floor using Arditex NA latex smoothing compound. The architect chose Interface Straightforward carpet tiles which we were instructed to lay in a specific pattern throughout the whole area. To the disabled ramp and post room we supplied and fitted Altro Walkway 20. To the ramp we laid the tiles to the exposed sides and finished the edges using Gradus TA5B trims with Gradus G11 Nosing’s to all steps. The project was completed on time to a very high standard leaving the client with a showpiece front of house area.
The Suffolk Constabulary is a highly valued client of R W Hall & Sons Limited. We work directly for the Estates Department and through main contractors on Police Facilities across the county. We have completed many projects often in very sensitive areas, namely the Main Control Room at the Police Headquarters Martlesham. As a standard we have installed thousands of meters of Burmatex Academy ‘Marlborough Blue’ carpet tiles and Altro Walkway 20 ‘Blue’ safety vinyl to police stations across the county including Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Lowestoft, Beccles, Hadleigh and Felixstowe to name a few.

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Flooring Contractor Suffolk Suffolk Flooring Contractor Suffolk Flooring


Main Contractor: V. A. Marriott Builders

Project Value: £50,000

Alexander House is a listed building in Ipswich Town Centre. V. A. Marriott has converted the building into a new Halls of Residence to accommodate students attending the town’s new University. The ground floor areas required a large amount of floor preparation, for this we worked with Ardex to make sure that we used the correct products to ensure a solid and even sub-floor. We used a combination of Arditex with Granit chipping to correct floor levels and to achieve a smooth surface ready to receive floor coverings. R W Hall & Sons Limited has installed Desso Sissamo Cable carpet laid on to Ball & Young’s Silver Lining underlay using a Dura-fit system using F Ball adhesives to all bedrooms and corridors. To communal lounge areas we installed Desso Torso carpet again on to Ball & Young’s Silver Lining Underlay using the Dura-fit system. To all wet areas and to some corridors and stairs we supplied and fitted Altro Mondopave 2.5mm Rubber Tiles. Due to the age of the building there were many differing levels which meant many flights of steps. To these steps we supplied and fitted many different Gradus Nosing’s including ELR 81 50 Elite Nosing’s and RN311 Nosing’s. To the grand staircase that remained in the building we supplied and fitted Christies Line carpet. The total floor area of the building came to approximately 1000m2.

Suffolk Flooring Contractor
Suffolk Flooring Contractor Flooring Contractor Suffolk Suffolk Flooring


Client: Mr & Mrs Kalbraier

Project Value: £30,000

Homefields at Little Bealings in Suffolk was a domestic project for the owner of Call Connection (project detailed above). The property underwent a complete reconstruction using interior designers to design each individual area. We supplied and fitted carpets that we sourced from all over the world to meet the client’s needs. All carpets were laid onto heavy rubber crumb underlay as under floor comfort was of paramount importance. We sourced carpet from The Carpet Library in London, Cavalier Carpets in Lancashire and Louis De Poortere in Belgium. To the grand staircase and Landing areas we imported a specialist carpet from America using a company based in London. The installation of this product was so complex that we partnered ourselves with specialist contractors to complete the works to these areas.

The final results were spectacular and all areas were completed to an incredibly high standard.

Flooring Contractor Suffolk
Flooring Suffolk Flooring Contractors Suffolk Suffolk Flooring Contractors


Main Contractor: Haymills

Project Value: £11,000

We have recently completed a two phase project to install flooring to a new extension and to renew flooring within the existing school. The extension consisted of two new classrooms in which we installed Burmatex 4400 carpet with Polysafe Vogue Ultra Safety Vinyl. To new and existing corridors we installed Polyflor XL PU vinyl, to steps we also used Polyflor XL PU and we finished the treads with Gradus AS11 Nosing’s. To the school Hall we installed 85 m2 Gerflor Taraflex Sport M Plus in a Maple Wood Design. This is a 7mm specialist sports flooring that is designed especially for Multi-Activity Sports Halls. To all entrance areas we installed an area of Woolimes Design 300 entrance carpet to reduce the transfer of dirt and grit and in turn lengthen the life of the products used.

Flooring Contractor Suffolk
Suffolk Flooring Flooring Suffolk Flooring Contractors Suffolk


Main Contractor: Barnes Construction

Project Value: £35,000

Following a large fire at Copleston High School in 2006 Barnes Construction was given the task of building a new three-storey structure to replace the damaged buildings. R W Hall & Sons Limited successfully installed approximately 365 m2 of Heckmondwike Supacord carpet tiles to classrooms, stairs and corridors, 330 m2 of Burmatex Infinity carpet tiles to Staffroom, offices and public areas, 250 m2 to wet areas, toilets and in particular the new Unisex Toilets. We also supplied and fitted Polyflor Forest FX Acoustic and Polyflor XL PU to other corridor areas. We prepared all screeds using Ardes Arditex latex smoothing compound. As always we used Gradus Accessories. To the stairs we used Gradus G12 nosings and we used various Gradus Trims between differing floor coverings including Gradus AFT/RT55 Clip Top Trims.

Copleston High School is a valued client. We work directly with them to advise on their flooring needs and have completed many projects through out the school. A recent project that we completed was their new American Diner themed mess room. We installed Heckmondwike Supacord carpet to the seating areas with Altrosmooth Ethos wood effect vinyl to the central area. To the Kitchen area we fitted two colours of Altro Walkway 20 which we cut into squares and fitted into a tile pattern. All joints were welded to complete a stylish safety flooring installation.

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Flooring Contractor Suffolk Flooring Suffolk Suffolk Flooring